CU.Office Berlin

Minimal Waste Coworking Community Space in Berlin-Wedding.


A small-scale, sustainable, urban work space designed to facilitate the ‘future of work’.

Not everyone works a 9 to 5, and most people lack a dedicated ‘home office’ where we can shut the door for a few hours to catch up on work or continue writing the next best-selling book.

CU.Office is born out of the idea that neighbourhoods need a place where people can get out of the house and focus for a while.

So in May 2020 we found a dusty old dog salon and got to work cleaning it up into something a little more useful.

But beyond just co-working, we see CU.Office as an experiment. Berlin neighborhoods are increasingly lacking places for social, community-oriented endeavours. We want to build the capacity for neighbours to meet each other, exchange ideas, organise or just have a beer on a Friday afternoon.

Our ultimate goal is to contribute to a vibrant and livable neighborhood.


Sustainability and collaborative design are at the heart of CU.Office. To us, minimal waste is not just about recycling our cans and not having a printer.

We think about space as a resource that can be shared like any other, and our goal is to maximise the utility of CU.Office, while minimising its impact.
Where we can, we use upcycled furniture and technology, and are powered exclusively by renewable energy.

To maximise efficiency, we analyse office usage pattern to work out the optimum number of subscribers. This way we can avoid powering up a whole office for one or two people.


from € 60 / month plus taxes

  • € 50 credit for using the CU.Offices
    • Work desk € 1.50 / hour
    • Meeting room € 4 / hour
  • WIFI
  • Fair use of kitchen & coffee
  • 24/7 Access

Our office is in the heart of Berlin-Wedding. Between Leopoldplatz and Seestraße in the Brüsseler Kiez.


Visit us
Genter Straße 56, 13353 Berlin